9 Important Tips You Need To Know If You Have Straightened Your Hair

9 Important Tips You Need To Know If You Have Straightened Your Hair

It’s a simple human tendency to by no means be completely satisfied and content material with what one has. The grass always seems greener on the alternative facet. And one big instance is hair texture. Ladies who’ve straight hair, long for curls/waves and some volume and vice versa, girls who’ve black hair want a change and color them brown, women with quick hair preference longer and luscious locks and so on. Additionally, even after being absolutely aware about the poor outcomes of straightening, a whole lot of girls still motel to doing it on a completely everyday foundation.

#1. Begin by using making use of hair protestants

Earlier than you begin to straighten your hair, make sure you use a good quality hair protestant, a serum or some moisturizing agent to your hair. This will assist lessen the harm that the heat will reason to your hair.

#2. Don’t use heating rods on moist hair
The usage of straightening rods on without a doubt moist hair can reason your hair to emerge as extremely rough, frizzy and in some instances, burn them too. Thus, allow your hair dry beneath the fan or just blow dry them a bit earlier than straightening. Make sure they’re simply 20-25% moist while you do so.

If you nevertheless constantly want straight hair, go herbal with the aid of the usage of these: three first-class home treatments to get immediately hair without using heat

#3. Use beneficiant quantities of hair care serums
When you straighten your hair, use a bit hair serum or hair softener to reduce the impact of all that warmth generated by way of the hair straightners. This is carried out due to the fact many a times, the temperature of those devices go as much as a a hundred and fifty-one hundred eighty levels celsius and that actually isn’t proper information in your hair.

#4. Oils to the rescue

Massage your hair with oil (coconut, olive or amla– whichever fits your hair kind) as a minimum two times per week. For higher results, once you oil your hair, wrap it with a hot towel for five- 10 mins. Wash your hair very well after an hour.

9 Important Tips You Need To Know If You Have Straightened Your Hair


#5. Diy domestic made hair packs and remedies

Homemade hair mask work wonders on the scalp and help in enhancing the hair excellent. Apricots, honey, egg white, curd, oats, aloe vera and so on. Are notable herbal components to make those packs, and the internet is the exceptional vicinity to locate % substances that satisfactory fits your hair kind.

#6. Hair spas

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